Saturday, August 18, 2012

In the Beginning (or is that The Big Inning?)

Everything has to have a beginning; so, here we go for this blog.

For a number of years, I've enjoyed talking about sports; and it seemed at least at times that the folks I were talking to often actually listened to what I was saying. Often they did not agree but that would spoil at least half the fun right?

The sports we figure to be talking about here for the most part will probably be Major League Baseball, in particular the Cincinnati Reds, and NCAA Football from the view point of someone who follows the Ohio State Buckeyes. Of late I have also become somewhat interested in the Barclay's Premier League style of football; and  NHL Hockey. So expect to get your ear bent regarding those sports for time to time.

I doubt I will talk much here about college basketball; but it used to be near and dear to me. There was nothing quite like those 20 minute halves unbroken by media time outs. The players and coaches truly controlled the pace and tempo  of the game in those days. The 3 point shot I welcomed, although I've always liked the NBA distance better and felt the 3 point area should end at the half court line as I've never understood giving an extra point for luck versus skill.  Same with the shot clock; a definite step forward. although again, I liked the original 45 second clock better. However the current game of 10 four minute periods just doesn't appeal to me. So don't expect a lot of hoops talk here.

One sport I can promise you I won't waste very much of your time on is US professional "football".  In fact I have a special name for that  circus. I  refer to it as the NR'L as in National Rasslin' League. I don't deny that if you have nothing better to do or watch, those events can be eye catching. They feature some extremely talented athletes performing amazing feats. But sometimes the sum of the feats are just too amazing to accept at face value. If a person takes a step back and allows theirself  to think critically about these goings on, it shouldn't take them long to realize that almost certainly outcomes are often being manipulated. Notice I said manipulated and not necessarily outright fixed. There is a difference; and I believe that difference is what allows the enterprise to go on its merry way without being revealed as fixing scandals in other sports in the USA and around that have come to light  over the years.